Can I/Can't I randomize velocity over entire song?

Hi! I’m interested in randomizing the velocity of a ride cymbal across an song, where midi regions have been created by using multi duplicate.

I think I can do this using the cool transform velocity tool. Step one is I need to figure out how to select every instance of the ride cymbal. I thought I was on to a solution here, which suggests I might accomplish this through the use of shift-click on the “scroomer”.

The Ardour Manual

“Scroomer selections work on all MIDI regions of a track at once.”

However when I try this, I only get transformation on one region…the last selected region.

Could it be I’m doing something wrong? Or is there some chance I’ve uncovered some issue in my particular release of Ardour?

FWIW i’m in version 7.2.0.


I think today we have no such possibility. E-mode works only with one MIDI region (not with all simultaneously) (AFAIK).

You can do this with plugins like MIDI Velocity Randomization (x42 MIDI Filter Collection) from x24 or B.Schaffl (GitHub - sjaehn/BSchaffl: MIDI groove quantizer LV2 plugin) from sjaehn.

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Another (destructive) way would be to combine all the regions to one, and then apply the transform tool. Your regions would anyway differ from randomizing each one individually, so there is no real value in keeping them separate anymore.
Using a plugin that acts in real time is less predictive (results differ each time, which is not a problem in this situation) and is slightly more taxing for the cpu, but allows to keep the regions linked together.

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