Can I assign 2 AU synths to a channel?

Hi: I’d like to be able to ‘thicken’ my orchestra sounds by having two AU synths on certain channels. I am using Garritan and UVI Orchestral sound libraries.

When I first tried to plug in the two AUs, I could only get sound from Garritan (Aria player). But, if I delete the Garritan, the UVI AU plays fine.

I’m not finding documentation or help how to deal with the ‘pins’ / fader routing. Is that where I parallel from the MIDI on the track into 2 AU synths? Would using ‘sidechain’ help here?


In all likelihood, synth #1 will “eat” the MIDI and not pass it on to the 2nd.

A better approach, somewhat unique to ardour: create 2 tracks, and then switch the 2nd to use the same playlist as the first (the “P” button in the track header in the editor). At that point you have two tracks delivering the same data to two independent processing pathways; edits in one track will show in the other.

ps. next time you’re on IRC, plan to stick around a bit longer :slight_smile:

Thanks Paul… Yeah, I was a bit nervous and jerky on IRC, and got impatient.

I’ll look into your 2 tracks & playlist thing. It’s just I’m working on orchestral scores - typically having 13-19 tracks.
If I want to thicken up JUST the woodwinds and strings, that means 9 more (duplicate) tracks. Adding brass means
another 4 tracks. I’d need 2 more monitors… :wink:


@gandsnut: 13-19 tracks? That’s nothing. When I mix a typical rock song, I usually end up with about 15+ busses for instruments, pads and whatever and 4+ effect busses (two reverbs, a delay or two, drumkit parallel compression and so on). So, 30+ tracks isn’t a scary thing. Take a look at this video (, for example: here are 34 source tracks. Some of them were routed to have the exact same processing (vocals, for instance), but after proper routing this still gave me about 30 mixer strips to deal with. I’d suggest you to learn routing since that simplifies processing similar tracks a lot and gives you even more.