Can I add a second location markers ruler line?

Hey devs,

I couldn’t find anything in The Ardour Manual so I guessed I could ask here:

I’d like to have a second location markers ruler line - I’m using the first to notate chord changes and such, but a second one for leading notes etc. would be helpful as well. Guess a line for a score (violin or bass clef) would be the optimum, but normal characters would help as well…

Thanks for answering, or even considering…

Hi there!

And what do you think about setting different marker colors to categorize them?
Green could be chord changes, Blue - leading notes etc., Yellow - Song structure (verses, choruses, etc.)?
I already asked for this feature somewhere here. Maybe this simple change can resolve this problem?
The perfect solution for me would be adding a window “Show markers” in the mixer view, somewhere below “Show strips” and “Show groups” and play from marker on mouse click. I could jump to different song sections without window switching… As in PT…


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