Can ardour send a custom midi message to a control surface?

Hello everyone.

I am just about done with midi bindings map for my Roland SI-24. Pretty decent learning curve but nothing a little trial and error and a lot of helpful insight from people on this forum.

I have one last question if this can be done at all. Can I make Ardour send a custom midi message back to the control surface in response to the last midi message recieved?

The purpose of this is to switch on and off the three-colored LED lights for the rec, solo, and mute on the SI-24.

The message from midi control out is:
“1 20 7f” when i switch on mute, solo, or rec
"1 20 00"when they are switched off

The SI-24 requires these following third bytes:
“1 20 00” for LED OFF
“1 20 01” for LED GREEN
“1 20 02” for LED RED
“1 20 03” for LED ORANGE

I there a way to send these messages?

Thank you,

This would require dedicated control surface support for the SI-24. Anyone can write this support, but it requires writing a new module in C++. There is no way do to this using scripting or other non-compile-based approaches. Sorry.

I kind of figured that. Thank you so much!

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