Can Ardour forward/rewind sync via jack?

I have Ardour synced to Rosegarden, and Ardour stops and starts with Rosegarden. Is there a way to make the forward and rewind controls also sync from Rosegarden to Ardour? It would be nice, whiling working with both MIDI and audio, not to have to manually rewind both Ardour and Rosegarden.

I just meant if I move the cursor in Rosegarden, it would be nice if Ardour would move to the corresponding point.

But that would be up to the Rosegarden programmers to have Rosegarden send that status via Jack so Ardour could pick it up.

When you move locate transport (Either by clicking to move the playhead in the ruler area, or via the ‘p’ shortcut by default to move the playhead to the mouse position) in Ardour, a Jack client should sync. I know Jadeo does for example when set to Jack sync(Obviously Ardour is as well). If Rosegarden is not, then that is likely an issue in Rosegarden is my suspicion since other Jack clients do.


EDIT: I just realised you meant you are moving transport in Rosegarden, which explains why you used the terms FF and RW, something not exactly allowed in Ardour because it involves varispeed and is not part of Jack Sync as it would require all clients to support it, something not easily done well. I haven’t tested locating transport in this method, to see if that would work, but again my suspicion is that it does in Ardour.