Can Ardour default to always look to CAPTURE_1/2?

I just created a new track in a project I’m working on, and the track defaulted to using CAPTURE_10 ( from a list of 12 ). However, my sound interface (an MAudio 2496) only has a single stereo pair of RCA inputs. Is there a way I can tell Ardour to ignore what it seems to think are many more inputs than I actually have? Or alternatively, default to using CAPTURE_1 or _2 when new audio tracks are created?


In Window > Audio/MIDI Setup there are selectors to define the number of actual input & output channels that Ardour should use. Depending on your configuration, this window may be shown during startup, or you can reset things by opening it after Ardour is running.

You could limit the input channels in Window > Audio/MIDI Setup.
Instead of “all available channels”, set “Input channels” to 2.

By default Ardour connects all available inputs in round-robin fashion. This order cannot be changed (only disabled).

Thanks – these ideas sound very appealing to me. However when when I click on the Ardour Window menu and select Audio/Midi Setup, this is what appears

I don’t think I have input channels settings?

Compare to

If you start jackd using a 3rd party app, you have to pass it the --inchannels 2 option. see also jackd -d alsa --help

Oh. I guess Ubuntu Studio is looking after that for me, I haven’t yet had to even think about Jack. Ok, I know Ubuntu Studio isn’t your work. Thanks Robin.

Unless you have a specific reason for using JACK (and there are several), we generally recommend that most users stick with Ardour’s ALSA backend. In particular, use of MIDI devices is generally much more straightforward.

Thanks Paul. I often use the guitarix app, and I think that needs jack when I want to record it into Ardour, yes? And I regularly use Hydrogen to write my drums for Ardour projects. I like being able to synchronise the two when developing a song, it seems more expedient than the next best alternative which I think is, exporting the drum part from Hydrogen as a WAV. So I guess I probably have two reasons for wanting to keep using Jack. I don’t think my initial problem outweighs the utility I seem to get from using Jack, If I’ve not misunderstood anything.

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