Can anyone help me? All my plugins are without GUI

I compiled Ardour 6 (the newest version) but as I said in the title… now my plugins (all instruments and effects) are without there particular GUI. The program is running perfectly fine…I don’t know what is the problem and where to look for.

In Preferences -> Plugins -> LV1/LV2 (Conceal LADSPA (LV1) Plugins if matching LV2 exists) was checked as default. And I thought that is the problem so I try to uncheck it and check it again but still…the same issue.

Can anyone help my please… I also have Ardour 5 (Installed from KXStudio repos) and all my plugins are showing there. I don’t really know how to fix my new Ardour 6. If there is some settings to be changed or package to be installed let me know. (btw, I’m on Linux Mint 19.3)

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If you go to Help -> About -> Config you probably have LV2 UI Embedding : False.

You need the devel packages for lilv, sord, serd, suil and sratom to get the plugin GUI support when you’re compiling ardour.

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Thanks for your respond. I found out all that packages are not installed in my laptop ( and they all have -> -static (prefix in the name) for example : sord-static, suil-static) I guess they are the one. I’ll go and try compiling this software again. If the issue is fixed, I’ll let you know. Thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also see that all my -dev are installed except of suil-dev. Maybe that was the problem.

The suil page says “Suil is a library for loading and wrapping LV2 plugin UIs” so it makes sense.

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I included suil-dev package and compile the program from scrach. Now everything works.

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