Can any recommend usb of firewire interface on linux?

Just discovered this whole thing.
WOW! It’s all so great.

Can someone recommend a usb or fire interface for $200 to $300 on linux? I just started using ubuntu studio.

I certainly don’t want someone to chew my food for me, and I
do love a good mystery but…you know…just some clear
recomendations on an interface, and maybe some directions for
setting it up would really help me out right now I think.

Once I can I can get ardour pumping, and some audio in, I’ll really
be in a position to study and learn. Right now, I’m just standing
at the gate, and still using pro tools on windows.

This is a remarkable new world. I really almost can’t
believe it. I was at guitar center over the weekend trying to figure out what interface to get with my friends who work there.
They know a lot about pro audio.
I showed them Ardour’s and Ubuntu’s site’s, and their jaws dropped to the floor.

We all really couldn’t figure out what to get.

I want to start moving my whole operation over to ubuntu studio.
If anyone can help me get over this initial hump, I’d be so grateful.

And if anyone involved with the making of ardour is reading this,
thank you very much for you work here. This is one of the most
exciting and important things I’ve ever seen.

Thank you,

Paul Tassopulos

Focusrite Saffire LE works great with freebob…


Thank you. Checked it out. Looks cool.


I started with Ubuntu Studio but for some odd reasons it got more and more unstable. SO I switched to 64Studio, which is much more to my liking because it is pure Debian and I am a long time Debian user. This is what I would recommend to you in terms of OS. Now, for the hardware, don’t know. What I use (see my most recent post on some other thread) may be out of price considering what you are asking. And most of all, the Hammerfall DSP is not firewire, even though it uses such a cable.


Thanks! Awesome!!


Got a m-audio firewire 410 last night…wouldn’t work

Returned it this morning and got m-audio fast track pro $200.

Ardour seems to be working through it now. Just plugged it in.

What a thrill. Rock and Roll Central. Thanks Ardour,
Ubuntu, and Thorgal.

What a great thing…so great.

Paul Tassopulos

I think according to ffado M-Audio Firewire 410 DOESN’T work, but M-Audio Firewire Solo DOES work.


Thank you! Ffado! Got it!

I must be dead, and in rocker heaven.