Can a track, or tracks, be a member of multiple groups?


Sorry if this has been covered in other posts, I tried various searches but didn’t find anything.

Is it possible for a track (or tracks) to be a member of multiple groups?

What I would want to be able to do is set up something like the following:

  • An allgroup - for simultaneously editing all parts of a multi-track where the band recorded in the room together
  • Groups for the different instruments - for making editing and mix adjustments just to individual instruments - so for example the piano might have two stereo tracks, and I might do some fine editing on that once I’ve edited using the all group.

Thanks so much,


Tracks/Busses can only be a member of a single group.

For mixing purposes, you should likely look into VCAs which offer heirarchical control. They won’t help you with editing, however.