Camino (An album using Ardour)


During the months of january and february I was making an album (called “Camino”), using free software (Ardour, Jamin, Rakarrack, Zynaddsubfx, Hydrogen, Qsynth). All the songs were composed and played by me except the drum parts that were played by my Brother Tanda who also made the cover art.

In the zip you will find the cover art, info (in spanish and english) and one mp3 (Because my idea was make an album in which all the songs form a single song).

Is a short Album but was a great experience for me in many aspects (musical composition, mixing, mastering).

So I hope you like it !!!

Here is the link to my blog to download the album (click in the second photo):

Thanks for listening!!! :slight_smile: Comments will be appreciated :slight_smile: