Calf plugins path

(Bigshoio85) #1

Hi! I’ve installed Calf Plugins on my Linux Mint 18.2, but I can’t find the correct path to make Ardour recognize them.
I’ve found this path “/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lv2/calf.lv2/”. It’s full of “.ttl” files, but putting this path into ardour doesn’t make any difference! Ardour doesn’t load calf plugins.

(Paul Davis) #2

Use the lv2ls command to list LV2 plugins. If they are shown in the output, there is a different issue with your plugins. If they are not shown in the output, then there’s a problem with the packaging/install location. Ardour uses standard LV2 plugin hosting libraries to find/discover plugins. If lv2ls can find them, so can Ardour.

(Bigshoio85) #3

The output showed me all the Calf plugins that Ardour can’t see!
What should I do now?

(Bigshoio85) #4

Thanks you Paul!
I had to install the --lilv-utils-- to run the command lv2ls. Since I installed this package, Ardour started seeing all Calf plugins!