Calf plugin in ubuntu 14.04


i have installed calf plugin from ubuntu 14.04 LTS software center. I can lunch the calf besides ardour and connect the calf to ardour via qjackctrl, but i don’t have the plugins inside of ardour track (so when i rightclick on the track’s plugin place i find only the LADSPA plugins, but not the calf). How can i have also calf there?

good day…

Try installing the plugins from the KXStudio repositories instead of the ubuntu repositories.
I’m running Ubuntu 14.04 that way and have the LV2 versions available as plugins. If I remember right there are instructions on the KXStudio site.

If you’re launching a GUI version of the Calf program outside of Ardour, for an instrument like a synth, you can assign it as an input source to a track using the routing grid, or, if it’s an effect, create an insert and assign the sends and returns.