Calf LV2 Plugin - can't see UI

Hello folks,

just donated and downloaded Version 5.4. - works :slight_smile:

Next step, I downloaded Calf stuff calf-0.0.60pre5, compiled it and tested with the Jack-plugins. Works :slight_smile:

Then I added the plugin to an Ardour midi track. Used the small keyboard besides the track’s configuration area, works.

But I can’t open the plugin UI :frowning:
I also checked the “Open the UI automatically” option.

Where is my problem?


By the way: none of the plugin UIs will open …

Did you try double clicking on the plugin in the effects-chain of the channel it’s loaded in the mixer?

Double-clicking on the effects chain does not work, the plugins are loaded in mixer …

Sorry for not being precise enough: The plugin UI loads in the mixer view. But why not in the effects-chain?

We recommend avoiding CALF plugins wherever possible. Barely a week goes by without a user running into problems (often crashing problems) which are solved when they remove whatever CALF plugins they were using. It is regrettable because they are a good looking and superficially useful set of plugins, but their design and implementation still has some deep and fundamental problems that affects other hosts besides Ardour.

It still isn’t entirely clear what your problem is … I’m sorry but I have no idea what you are differentiating between when you say “mixer view” and “effects-chain” …

Mixer: Mixer
effects-chain: Editor (between Mixer and settings)

If I enable “mixer view” in the editor, I can open the synth’s UI from there.

I’m fine with that

BTW: Great piece of SW. Makes fun to use!
(Excuse my poor english)