CALF Filter and other filters do not work

Actually, have seen this before. For instance, CALF Filter will let me change Inertia and Resonance and type of filter, but frequency just stays inactive and I cannot change it. Same with any other filter I loaded up. What’s going on?

Hmm strange…

Just tested and all seems to work here for me. What version of ardour? Jack? System specs would be nice also…

Ardour 2.7.1
JACK 0.3.4
Ubuntu 9.04

Same filters seem to work fine otherwise. They work fine in other programms.

Likely a problem in Ubuntu’s packaging. It is a common issue that shows up in many different ways. I would suggest updating Ardour from someplace that is not Ubuntu’s repos at this point.


How do you update ardour? You mean reinstalling it? Will my older projects run okay?

It should run better, you will have latest version and older projects should run ok.

Read at least once before you fire-up the terminal.

If you decide to do it, don’t forget to completely purge remove ardour from repos.