Calf and other plugins in Windows

Hi guys … (forgive me if this is a silly question)

I use Ardour under Windows 10. Generally it runs just fine and I have had very few issues with it. I find a problem though when I try to find or load in many plugins that I know Ardour uses and that I find in other Linux based systems like LMMS. One main one is the Calf range of plugins. I use them in LMMS and I even direct Ardour to the LMMS plugin folder to source plugins, but, many just don’t seem to want to make the jump from there into Ardour.

Some plugins like the x42 meter which is in Ardour, but in a limited form (on mine at least) give me trouble if I try to load the x42-meter-collection.exe which I also have as the stand alone plugin (it freezes my session).

I love using Ardour and I constantly see sites and video where these plugins run perfectly with great UI on Linux platforms, but, it seems Windows 10 just doesn’t want to play along.

I know I may just be slow and missing something obvious (I am no tech wizard) but I would love to use these plugins if it is possible.

Any and all help will be greatly apreciated.



It’s been mentioned several timed on the Linux side of this forum that Ardour v8.4 and newer don’t support plugins using the old GTK2 toolkit that Calf, for instance, is based on.

It’s also well established that the Calf plugins have audio problems, so it’s not recommended to be using them anyway.

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Thankfully calf plugins were never available for Windows…

As for x42-plugins not working on Windows, this comes up rarely, and is usually solved by updating the windows graphics driver (the plugins use openGL).

Peder …

Thanks for the response. It’s all good. I was just wondering because I quite liked the plugins in LMMS and missed them in Ardour. Just one of those things you get used to I guess. And you answered my question nicely if it no longer supports them then thats it. I love using Ardour and am constantly learning how to use it more efficiently, and hopefully make better music because of it.

You guys are very helpful.



Robin …

Thank you. The x42 Autotune works fine. The x42 Loudness meter that is in Ardour works. It was just that the .exe stand alone one which needs the Jack connection didn’t seem to want to. I shall try updating the drivers and see what happens. Thanks for a great product anyway. I shall attempt to make ‘good’ music to show others just how good it is.



The plugins must match the architecture of the host, so if running a 64 bit host application you have to use 64 bit plugins.
Do you have the 32 bit or 64 bit build of LMMS installed? Ardour is only built as a 64 bit Windows application.