C-Port 2000 STAudio DSP24 MKII Setup W Jack

Hey There,
Is anyone willing to shed a little light on how I can get this card to work on Linux. Running Ubuntu Studio guess I’d like to get sound out of the card, available on Jack and how to get this working? Or maybe someone that has experience. The card is installed under Linux.
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Hi,my experience is the following: I have 2 DSP24 Cards and 2 DAC 2000 breakboxes. They come only with drivers on XP. Downloadable > www.staudio.de
I have installed XP on a partition and here these drivers… and on another partition ubuntu …64 studio
In this constellation the card(s) will be recognized by linux and I can say that it runs the first time without problems over jackctlr. On XP I always had dropouts and other problems… Now I’m happy…
Great 64STUDIO…


I am unfamiliary with jackctlr and music production (ardour). New to it really. Can you think of a reference tha I can get to that would allow me to learn how to set this up. So that I can get sound out of the dac 2000 breakoutbox and input midi? I took a break from setting this up. btw… Which driver version did you use with windows to work?


I m not sure, but i remember, when i had the c 2000, that it just worked out of the box, look at the alsa-audiopage, guess they describe the how to…