ideally i want to route each track of ardour into a different program, specifically jescola buzz. i would be happy if i could route the master output into buzz alone but the former is preferable.
the alternative is to have the dlls that make up the effects of buzz be “pluged in” to ardour. ive seen a few discussions to this end. making a “machine editor” screen like in buzz availble to ardour would be the pinicle.
any dicussion along these lines would be most usefull as im new to ardour since upgrading from my old 500Mhz machine last week. thanks

Buzz is not a jack client as far as I know. But I think it should be possible to route the audio from buzz to ardour via the wine jack driver. I don’t know how well the driver works though.

no, its the other way round i want to do things.
as a native NT4 program i know buzz isnt a jack client but surely a programmer could write an input .dll for buzz taking the output from either jack or ardour?

i want a buzz machine to accept the output of JACK or ideally a buzz machine to accept single ardour chanels directly so that machine could be duplicated in buzz to represent each audio chanel. (btw im looking into re-learning to program in kdevelop simply for this purpose)

the reason is that the effects in buzz seem to be massively better than the effects in ardour and i would like to route multiple chanels from ardour into buzz for effects and mastering.

having said all that i am new to ardour and havent figured its capabilities.

btw im running buzz through wine if that wasnt obvious :wink: