Bus routing present, but not selectable from mixer

I installed Ardour 6 on a Mac and PC, and opened projects from a PC that was on Ardour 5. They all open and play back just fine on both Mac and PC Ardour 6, but the busses are not available to select from the fader. They are present in the routing grid, but I cannot reassign them using the fader.


I should have also pointed out, in the first picture you can even see the bus name “guitar lead bus” as this was the original bus for this track before upgrading to version 6. But, as you can see none of the other busses show up if I try to change busses. If I DO change this back to master in (which is available), “guitar lead bus” no longer shows in the list if I try to change it back. I have to go into Routing Grid to be able to change it back.


tl;dr: fixed in Ardour 6.6-183

Ah, sorry should have check bug tracker. Yup, latest nightly works perfectly. Thanks!

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