Bus delay compensation broken on 7.2 m1

The delay compensation doesn’t work on busses. And even on the delay compensation toolbar it shows in red the word ambiguous

What does it mean

This is not M1 specific but caused when an output of a track is connect to multiple destinations, each of which has a different latency.

Check Window > Log. That lists connections that causes this.

A common case is to connect master-out to the soundcard’s playback and at the same time connect it to OBS. The solution here it to use an external send rather than direct connection.

Also for internal routing prefer sends (rather than direct connections). Sends are latency compensated, connections are not.

tl;dr: Avoid direct one-to-many connections and replace them with Sends.

For details please see On Delay Compensation & Recommendations for Routing

I did some testing and ya I was doing it wrong I apologize. I did the same test in studio one and it worked fine so I assumed that it was not working in ardour and mixbus.

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