Burning mix to cd

I know this is a subject that can be found in the Ardour manual but I can’t understand it fully, I have 6 tracks I want to put on a cd so I can listen to it in the car, I know you can mix all 6 tracks into one stereo track I just need to know how to burn that one stereo track on to CD, I’m running ubuntu 8.10 thanks for your help.


first, make sure your ardour export is a 44100Hz, 16bit WAV file.
Then, open up k3b, create an audio CD, select your wav file, burn it :slight_smile:

hey lotone, you might speak about toc/cue files.

If you used CD markers in your project to mark your 6 songs, you can export the whole project and configure the export dialogue to export a CD marker file “toc”.

Then you get a .wav and a .wav.toc file.

You can burn this with
cdrdao write whatever.wav.toc

in the console.

If that’s not what you wanted, ignore it :wink:


Of course K3b but he’s under ubuntu maybe it is more suited to use Serpentine, no?

Hey guys thanks again for all your help I got what needed to be done very quickly, I just did what Thorgal said and it worked=D thanks