Burning Iso images

What do you all use to burn the Iso files. I tried Nero 6 yesterday and it wouldnt let me burn the image to DVD. It kept asking me for a CD instead, shich is too small for the Unbuntu Studio Installer. I tried using toast on my MAc and it would get halfway thru the writing process on DVD and report an error. Do I just have to send off for it?

GnomeBaker might be the tool for you?

If you downloaded an image, you can also mount it directly, without having it to burn to a DVD. See ‘man mount’, the command is:

mount -o loop /dvd-image.iso /mnt/DVD

Greetings Rob

I didnt check the md5 sum. never heard of checking that. I would assume that I got the right file since I dloaded it directly from the UB studio site mirror.

The md5 is a checksum to confirm the integrity of the dvd image. The md5sum file will be in the directory you downloaded ubuntu studio from.

Here’s a windows program for doing this:

Perhaps the dvd is not burning because the file is corrupt.

Anybody know of a site or mirror that is legit?

All of the mirrors/torrents on the Ubuntu Studio site will be legit.

The MD5 is to make sure the file was not corrupted during download.

Cool. Ill try again. Thanks

K3B is the king on Linux for making CDs IMHO.
Nero on Windows should be fine too, though I must admit I’ve only made Linux CD ISOs with it, never a DVD.

Have you checked the md5 sum of the downloaded ISO to make sure it’s good? Is it the right size as well? (Not an incomplete download).