Burning CD from Ardour mix

Hi there!

First of all, thanks to the Ardour Team, a lot, a lot, for your job and this fabulous software !!!
My question is:
I export a mix with its TOC file and’d like to burn a CD from this. What will be the right software, as I’m running a native Ardour version with OS 10.5.3 on a mac book pro?
I try to find an answer in the different part of the forums but the only way I found was with the linux command cdrdao.
Thanks for your answers, J.Ph.

Looks like there might be a version of cdrdao for the mac:


Should be something native as well I would guess.

Thanks Zotz!
I’m running the darwin ports installer.
I let you know !

Regards, Jipé.

This was a big and beautiful fight, but finally, man won (I hope so…)…
To make “cdrdao” working, you have to instal the DarwinPorts (Macports) so at first the mac Xcode and the X11 library (already done thanks to ardour) and then some “esoteric-to-me” command lines.
It tooks me a long time but the cdrdao command seems to work (YEAHHHH…!!!).
I didn’t burn the CD at this time cause an error message telling me it was waiting for only one toc file …?
I have to leave this week-end, so I’ll let you know on Tuesday.
Thanks again.

Regards, Jipé.

Not an easy task…
The command cdrdao is working now, but always send me the same error field: “Expecting only one toc-file” as I ask to burn the Cd or I ask for information on the “.toc” file.
I looked for help with this command line but only found for Linux users. Could someone give me a direction ? I think something’s wrong with the “unix” environment but what?

So. It can be considered as resolved as I used “Simply Burn” and the disc image burning. It seems to work now.