Built-in Crossover maybe plugin

X= 2&3&4&5 band

What would the benefit be over just using Busses, and then subgroup the busses back to stereo?

PS. while not as nicely layed out, you can do this already:

As opposed to using busses, in this case both synths run sequential and cannot make use of parallel processing on multiple cores.

Not have routing cons
when you put regular crossover plugin on a track it need routing
e.g you need routing low band to 2 plugin (with pin connection) or a bus with them (output to bus )
high band to 3 plugin or a bus with 3 plugin
and etc
then in this plugin you don’t routing in tracks or between tracks and busses
for subgroup you just like routing tracks to a bus and crossovering on there need pin connection between plugin on sub bus or then above loop for routing
low band / high band and etc
but this plugin no need routing also have simple GUI
simply make CROSSOVERing easy without take a lot of time to connect

This would a major re-engineering of Ardour’s internal design.

You can insert arbitrary processors into a Route (the fundamental object that is used for tracks and busses), but you can’t just insert arbitrary processing into wherever you feel like it within Ardour.

Furthermore, “cross-track processing” as shown in your GUI mockup is 90% GUI work, and that’s always the most labor-intensive and time-consuming.

Ok i understand this need a GUI mackup
But pay attention to it can make Ardour unique rather than other
and unique options make monopoly
then monopoly make money

like slide note in fl-studio just fl have it and if you need slide bass for trap or uk drill (very professionally*) should be go to fl

*=i know you can create it with glide/legato but in fl this option reached to GOD level


Wouldn’t a Carla Patchbay (the 2 channel variant) be an option, used as plugin on the Ardour track and then do all the fancy processing and plugin / signal path wiring within the Patchbay?

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