Building with VST on OS X?

Are there plans to enable building Ardour with VST support on Mac OS X? The instruction page for doing so on Linux ( doesn’t really give an indication as to when or if this will happen. I guess it’s not a critical issue, since there is that ladspa wrapper, and AU support is on the way… But it would still be nice.

Also, I don’t suppose there’s any reason to hope that Steinberg will change their licensing to allow redistribution of the VST SDK any time soon? Is that just wishful thinking?

  1. supporting VST on OS X “natively” is a totally different project from what we’ve done on Linux. The problems and the solutions are totally different. Its something we’ve thought about, but in the overall scheme of things, its not that high on any of the core developers’ priority lists.

  2. There seems to be no reason to believe that Steinberg will change their licensing any time soon. Another email to them never hurts.

Thanks Paul, that’s sort of what I expected. I’m sure there’s more than enough to keep you all busy as it is.