Building Jack-0.116.2 problem

Hi all,

First : sorry to post here, cause it’s not an Ardour question, but can’t find any forum related on Jacks site, exept the developpers one, but I have nothing to do on developpers lists !! Hope one of Jacks builders don’t blame me, thanks Paul :o))

I try to build Jack-0.116.2 from the tar.gz downloaded on Have all lib required from Sids repo. Pass --prefix=/usr at ./configure, then make, make install. No error return so type jackd and it says jackd 0.116.2… I was happy, but qjackctl don’t start.

So I make uninstall, and take jackd from Sids repo. Qjackctl says " error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"
Now jackd says the same, exept lib is…
Have a look around, but can’t find for 0.116.2, and nothing about in Jacks site…

I’m a little bit confused with jackd, libjack, libjack-dev,,… there’s so much versions in the repos, but nowhere I can’t find all the applis with same versions… It’s not really a problem to make they home, but hard to find sources…

Please, somebody have an idea ???

It was 2 versions of Jack as “doctor Paul” says ! Can’t fix it with ldconfig, so the medicine given was quite rough, but nice result : erase every Jack file by Synaptic and command line, and take again from Sid repos. Hydrogen have build and plays, so… let’s build Rosegarden before Ardour !

Thanks again, Freely --fred

As usual, answers here are really constructive !

Thank you Paul and Peder for these 2 news command lines in my Linux vocabulary.

I’ll try to clean this by myself, just to learn a bit more, and will tell you here in a while.

Thanks again

After running ‘make install’ you should run ‘ldconfig’ (as root) to update the shared library cache.
If that doesn’t work it’s also possible that you have to recompile qjackctl to use the new jack libs.

You almost certainly ended up with 2 versions of JACK installed. This is always a recipe for disaster. You need to either remove all previous versions of JACK before installing a new one OR ensure that the new one replaces the old one. This means that if you install from source after previously using a packaged version, you use --prefix=/usr so that the install overwrites the existing version.

JACK applications are NOT dependent on the version of JACK in general. There are few exceptions, but very few.

You need to use find(1) to locate every JACK related file on your machine. As root, run this command:

find / -name “jack

Then report back, and someone can suggest the best way to clean up the mess.