Building Calf plugins LV2


I know this would rather belong to the calf forums, but I must honestly say that these forums here are the best for such a question :wink: And I hope it will be useful for other Ardour users wanting to build the calf plugins, so here’s my problem:

When I configure and build the newest calf package or the calf plugins from git, I get:

LV2 enabled:            yes
LV2 GUI enabled:        no

So I have no LV2 GUI for the LV2 version of the calf plugins. That’s rather odd, since I can build Ardour without problems with LV2 support, and I use the Linux DSP LV2 plugins, the Invada Plugins and the EQ10 ( without problems with their LV2 GUIs.

Any ideas?

I have lv2core 3.0 and slv2 0.6.6. installed.


I don’t know about the other plugins, but mine use the LV2 external_UI extension. it could be that “LV2 GUI enabled no” refers to LV2_UI not LV2 external_UI. external_UI was implemented to enable plugins UIs to run in their own process and thereby ensure you would get the same UI regardless of the GUI toolkit (GTK or Qt etc) that the host uses, though in the case of my plugins, the GUI runs in its own thread rather than a separate process, and uses only XLib for the UI to enusre that the GUI will function identically in any host (e.g. the GUI works in Qtractor just as it does in Ardour) - the only reason it needs the LV2 external UI extension is so that there is a callback to the host to enable it to tell the host that the controls have changed - the existing LV2 UI extension provided a method for this but it also always assumed a GTK host and so was not compatible with allowing my GUIs to be toolkit agnostic.


I think you also need libglade2-dev for calf plugins, I seem to recall reading that on their site quite a while back. I recall having to track it down the first time I built them.

Thanks for both of your fast answers!

linuxdsp: Well, LV2 seems to be a bit complicated and still in child’s shoes, as there are so many things to care about. Still I think it offers a great future for Linux plugins - thanks to you and other devs developing such nice LV2s :slight_smile:

GMaq: It really was libglade2-dev! I will write them that they include that in the needed libs to build the calf plugins.
Ah, the multiband compressor looks promising :slight_smile:

Tomorrow, I will finally try out a mastering setup like tbonedude in thread 3331 ( with calf & Linux DSP plugins :slight_smile:


edit: uhhh… that’s embarrassing: The libglade headers are listed as needed on the calf page… sorry for wasting your time, hopefully this post will help some other blind folks like me!