Building Ardour with Jack2 on Debian


I would like to compile ardour with jack2 on my debian machine. I have read in the building instructions, that ardour requires Jack 0.109 and later, but nothing about jack2. When I compile the package with scons it interrupts with “jack >= 0.109.0 not found”. Is there a possibility to compile it with Jack2?

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in debian, type

apt-get build-dep ardour

apt will install the libraries and other stuff on witch ardour is depending.
than just grab the source and run scons.
building ardour with jack2 is working, but i supose that you are missing the libjack-dev package. apt should manage this for you.


Doesnt work, apt (i’m using the debian unstable tree) wants to uninstall my jack2 components and install jack1 instead…

perhaps just try to install libjack-dev?


In debian sid you have both jack versions available. libjack and libjack-dev is in version 0.118 and not compatible with jack2. The jack2 library is called “libjack-jackd2-0”. Most audio apps from the sid tree like ardour or lmms require libjack 0.118 and I do not know how I can tell him that i want to use the packages from jack2 (without getting dependency problems). That’s the reason why I tried to compile it from the sources.

edit: okay, the problem with ardour is not libjack, its libaubio2 which seems to need the old jack library.

edit2: I try to build everything manually now (including jack2), seems to work… Thanks for your input!

I should point out that if you compile Ardour against Jack1 it will work fine with Jack2, and in fact this is the preferred way to compile for distribution for this very reason. Compiling Ardour against Jack2, will mean it cannot work with Jack1.


I have compiled jack2 manually out of the sources. The ardour configure script doesn’t abort anymore, everything works now!

@seablade : ???

I always compile ardour against jack2 (also compiled from svn). Sometimes I switch to jack1 for some testing and I never had any ardour related problem because of this jack switch. Could you elaborate ?


Would need to check with Paul for the specifics. Short answer is what I have always been told is for distribution purposes compiling against Jack1 ensures that it is able to be used with Jack1 and Jack2, but if you distribute a binary compiled against Jack2, it may not work with Jack1.