Building Ardour on Windows with MSYS2

Hi folks, I’ve put together a blog post on how to build Ardour for windows, on windows using the MSYS2 environment. It is targeted at developers, and I’m interested to get feedback, particularly if I’ve done something that’s going to cause problems I haven’t anticipated etc.

If anyone is game enough, I’d also be keen to know if I’ve made any mistakes. I’ve got a really rubbish internet connection right now, but once my proper connection is here I’ll blow my msys environment away and double-check my instructions again.

Hopefully this makes it a little easier for windows devs to jump in and help out.



I have just followed your post and successfully compiled the latest version of Ardour on Windows 10 thanks to it! There may have been some extra steps (I’m about to try it again on a different Windows box and will update with detailed notes), it was really hard, but your blog post took care of most of the trickiest parts. I also compiled the latest version of ZynAddSubFX on Windows 10, and it’s working as a 64-bit VST plugin in Ardour.

Thanks a lot for documenting this, I’m glad I can use my favourite software in Windows (and potentially dev on it).

I put together a recipe for compiling Ardour on Windows 10 with MinGW and MSYS2 that works with the current Ardour:

There were lots of differences from your original post, and I worked it into a formula where most of it can be copy-pasted into the MinGW MSYS2 terminal. I’m going to make some scripts soon out of it to make it a mostly automated process.

The github link is dead by the way. Leads to 404. Is there an alternative to how to use MSYS2 to build Ardour?

The official builds of Ardour are cross-compiled on Linux. We do not use Windows at all.

Understood, thanks for the response.