Building Ardour from Trunk...

I’m currently running ArdourVST built from the 2.0 branch but would like to check out the bleeding edge build from the trunk.

Some questions:

  1. Should I uninstall ardourvst first, or can I just download the trunk source and ‘scons VST=1’ then ‘scons install’ and everything will be swapped out nicely?

  2. If I do uninstall, is it really as simple as going into the (previous) build directory and typing ‘scons -c install’?

  3. If I don’t uninstall the old build and ‘scons install’ the new build with a different DESTDIR, can I have both the branch and the trunk version installed concurrently? Is this unwise?

I’m just a little trepidatious because when I ran ‘scons install’ after my first successful build (oh what a feeling ; ) it seemed that it was doing a heck of a lot more than simply coping a few compiled binaries from the working directory to /usr/local/bin. I don’t know what the potential fallout is of doing a trunk build next and bungling it somehow so that things get mixed into some dreadful (and unworkable) concoction.

The fact that you need to ask these questions is ample evidence that you should not be building from trunk.

Trunk is currently massively unstable and undergoing major code changes daily. It is not a suitable target for anyone except developers and long-time beta testers interested in some new features.

Please continue to use branches/2.0-ongoing until further notice (via the ardour-users and/or ardour-dev mailing lists, which i hope you have joined).

There I go again, running with scissors. I was hoping to learn a bit more about scons and the build practice in general, but I guess I’ll put off my aspirations of touring the hard-hat area for now.

Plenty to keep me occupied where I am!