Building an Application Bundle

Are the build and package scripts in tools/linux_packaging still supposed to work? Or is there now another way?

Yes, tools/linux_packaging is how Ardour binary bundles are created.

Compare to Ardour - Log file: build_log.txt

I can build Ardour successfully from source on the VM I’ve created with a fresh Ubuntu install and the associated dependencies, but when I ran:

cd tools/linux_packaging
./build --public --strip some
./package --public --singlearch

The resultant application bundle had most of the required libraries missing. I would prefer to be able to build Ardour on a VM and install the resulting binary on the clean’ studio machine - free from dev cruft. Its also useful that different versions can be self contained in their own applicaton directories for testing

[EDIT] My mistake, I didn’t realise the tools/build scripts avoided system libraries - which makes sense for Ardour’s released binaries - but for my (debug) purposes it doesn’t really matter if I use them. Got it working now.

The stow command is your friend when it comes to having self-contained and possibly multiple versions of software.

Configure the software to install in a subdir in /opt, for instance, (for Ardour that would be something like ./waf configure --prefix=/opt/ardour-7.0-rc3-4-g6684a8) and then use stow to create symlinks in /usr/local :
stow -d /opt -t /usr/local ardour-7.0-rc3-4-g6684a8 && ldconfig

When you want to install rc4 you configure it to it’s own /opt directory, remove the old symlinks by adding a -D flag to the previous stow command and then run stow again with the new dir.

This isn’t really necessary for Ardour since the bin/ardour script knows the actual location of its own libs, but it’s great for other software that only looks in /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib

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