Building 3.0 from SVN on Suse - missing deps on the site and trouble with taglib

I am about to build ardour3 from svn finally…
Th system is a recent Suse 11.1 so I hope, I can find the packages needed in sufficiently recent versions. The Build-HowTo here on the site helps a lot but alas: it misses some stuff, scons requires such as:


After adding these scons did not complain anymore but stopped the build-process here:

[libs/ardour/amp.os] TypeError `Tried to lookup File ‘libs/taglib/headers/taglib’

what can I do?

OK -it works now.
Simply restarted scons and in just 90min approx I had Ardour3 up and running.

Looks very promising but is absolutely not there yet.

Now I am quite sure, that I will stay with 2.7 for hmmm…a year maybe ?