build ardour 3 vst (whole stack)


I’m getting lost following the instructions here:

I successfully built ardour 3 vst using my system libraries, but I’d like to try to build its whole stack as suggested in the link. I’m getting lost in the Setting Environment Variables section (what am I supposed to do?), also no docs yet for building A3 with vst support… ah, and I get this error while executing the command $AD/2.0-ongoing/tools/build-gtk-stack --patch

row 285: git: command not found

It downloads lots of stuff then finish with that error…

that is the standard error for “something went wrong” when it comes to building with wine. and it is partly the difficulty of tracking down that mistake that encouraged to give up on the windows VST stuff. LD_DEBUG=all can help but will produce megabytes of debug output.


thanks for the answer! I wonder why ardour built correctly when I had no libtool installed on my system, my guess is the ardour stack was built only partially, and for the missing libraries ardour relied upon system-wide ones… I might just keep the “workaround” of not having libtool installed because even win vsts were exceptionally stable then…

mmm, unfortunately my build was not complete, I had libtool missing while building the ardour stack, ardour ran fine but I wanted the stack to build properly so I rebuilt everything from scratch, everything went fine, ardour built correctly, but now it doesn’t start, I get this error:

wine: uncorrect EXE format for


  1. Are you asking how to set an environment variable?
  2. In theory, the build-gtk-stack' andbuild-ardour-stack’ scripts automatically link to your local libraries, but I’ve found that this isn’t necessarily the case when there are system libraries getting in the way. Before you even bother with the ardour stack, you should verify that your gtk stack is linked properly.

Just out of curiosity, if you navigate to ~/gtk/inst/lib and run this command:

ldd ./ | grep libz

what is the output?

apologies–typo in your name…


I dennismtaylor, thanks for your help! I just figured out how to do all this by issuing two export commands just before configuring ardour sources (export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=~/a3/inst/lib/pkgconfig:~/gtk/inst/lib/pkgconfig and export PATH=$PATH:=~/a3/inst/bin:~/gtk/inst/bin), so I managed to build ardour3 VST using its private stack (this is confirmed also by the output of ./waf --configure)

and… it’s amazing!!! It’s SO much more stable than the regular build I can’t believe I haven’t done it before… I think paul should really recommend this procedure to anyone willing to use ardour vst on linux because it really is the only way to make really stable…

also, it is unclear to me, when I finish building the gtk stack, instructions say to go to the ardour3 source dir and build it, but how does it know not to use system libraries and use the ones I built instead?

ok I figured out the error, I just needed to sudo apt-get install git, but I’m still stuck at the Setting Environment Variables section…