Build 8011 Doesn't Play Nice

I just noticed that build 8011 seems to not want to play nice with other JACK programs. The reason I say this is because after starting JACK, if I start Rosegarden prior to starting Ardour, Ardour thinks JACK is not started and can not be started, whereas if I start Ardour before Rosegarden, Ardour doesn’t have this problem.

In either case, Ardour does not exit nicely. I have to find the ps and kill it.

@audiodef: you can’t refer to a build via just its SVN revision number - this is global across all Ardour source code (2.X, 3.X, mixbus and more), so you need to say which branch you are using (2.X or 3.X).

I’m using 2.x. After some playing around and recompiling, it seems alright now, but it was still odd.

when compiling and installing, do you do it in a clean way, like first remove all older ardour files from previous installation in /usr/local/ (or wherever you specified alternate install path) or do you install over them?

I install over, usually.

This is still happening.

What’s also been happening is when I try to type in a location, usually in measures and beats, I can’t. The numbers switch instantly back to whatever was there previously as soon as I type something.

This isn’t a problem with my system. This happens with no other program on my system.

Which version of JACK are u using, I’ve been having a similar problem with version 2 when running ardour hand in hand with another program where they had to sync, for some reason the timecode would be stuck and would not go to the start point.

I’m on Ardour 2 (8045), I think it’s still 8011 for version 2, have not had any issues like yours, although I’m using JACK1.

Just a tip, try to install as clean as possible, sometimes residual files can cause problems. I really don’t know about Ardour, but I always install it cleanly. Just good practice.

I use JACK2. Maybe I should recompile Ardour and get 2 (8045)…

What dir should I empty out to ensure a clean install? ~/.ardour2?

Ok, then there’s the problem, you are using JACK2 (or Jack Dump), which is what causes this errors you mention and I also get with it.

Try installing JACK1 and see how it goes, I have no issues like this with JACK1.

To make a clean install of ardour you can do two things…

Download source, compile with scons as usual and then before doing “scons install” try “scons uninstall”. That should remove everything installed under /usr/local/ (related with ardour), of course if installation prefix was left as default, which is exactly that path.


You can do it manually (just be extremely careful and double check what you are removing). As root or sudo or admin privileges you can delete the following dirs and files:

/usr/local/bin/ardour2 (binary file)
/usr/local/etc/ardour2 (directory)
/usr/local/lib/ardour2 (directory)
/usr/local/share/ardour2 (directory)

and that’s about it, but I strongly suggest to first try the removal with the scons uninstall command, and then browse to those dirs to see if it worked.

NOTE: The ~/.ardour2 directory is only the settings and templates saved into your personal folder, rarely should you remove it after a new install, so try to keep that one.



In another forum, I finally came to understand the whole idea behind jackdbus. I set it up, and guess what? My problem appears to have gone away, so yes, I think jackdmp was the problem. Possibly it was that timecode getting stuck in jackdmp. Or JACK took a dmp and didn’t flush();

Jackdbus and LADI seems to me a more elegant setup. It also forces me to use Patchage instead of Qjackctl’s Connections. Patchage gives me a more inclusive view, as it doesn’t divide things into separate tabs. I guess that could be both a pro and a con, but I see it as a pro at the mo.

Or JACK took a dmp and didn't flush();

He! Sounds like my dad’s type of humor and just realized it still makes me laugh.

OTO, could you please pass me link to that forum you mention about jackdbus, just would like to read it, thx.


We aim to please. You aim, too, please.

Here’s that link:

It really opened my eyes to another way a running JACK. I’m finding this much more stable than jackdmp.

@audiodef: i think you’re a bit confused. LADI doesn’t change the instance of JACK that you’re using. if the build of JACK that you have is working better than the previous one, then its either because its a different version or there was some error in the earlier build.

LADI/jackdbus are good projects, but I’d like it if the wiki page was a bit more honest about the reasons why I refused to incorporate Nedko’s changes into JACK1. Nedko is concerned with build a “better” JACK for the Linux desktop, and although I think this is a good goal, I firmly and absolutely believe that it can be done in ways that don’t negatively affect JACK’s portability to non-Linux platforms. Nedko has said publically that he doesn’t care about these other platforms. This is fine, if you’re firmly attached to the Linux desktop. Unfortunately, as the benevolent dictator of JACK I have to take some interest in JACK on other platforms, and that’s why the work that LADI and jackdmp represent are not part of the mainstream of JACK itself, because they compromise portability in a way that I don’t find acceptable.

Torben Hohn has done some stellar work on implementing support for the same kinds of features that jackdmp contains in a platform-independent way, and some of this has already shown up in the repository (unreleased) version(s) of JACK. Expect more to come from him in the near future.

I definitely support JACK’s portability. If it’s a wiki page, why not go in there and make some edits yourself? The rest of us should hear from the benevolent dictator of JACK himself. :wink: