when default path diff from c:… shorcut on start menu point to not existent path on c:

if hold down note on midi keyboard, select another track , sound not stopped until switch back track, then press several another notes on midi keyboard

neuron vs plugin crackles due to unable to select proper buffer size, i have 88, next 4184 samples, but there is no option for 128…256 recommended to ASIO

Borland - wow, that takes me back !! And it got me doing some research…

AFAICT they stopped development of Borland C++ at the end of the 90’s and eventually sold their software development products to an outfit called Embarcadaero:-


Borland C++ got re-branded as “C++ Builder” and is apparently still going and (they claim) it’s been re-developed into a cross-platform compiler (see the above web page). I’ve never tried it but the old Borland C++ was a pretty good product. In its heyday it was arguably way ahead of both gcc and msvc.

  1. bugs go to http://tracker.ardour.org/

  2. we don’t support Borland at all, and we have no plans whatsoever to change this.

  3. theoretically it is possible to build Ardour with MS VC++ - the project files are a part of the source - but we provide no support for anyone doing this. Our active developers use gcc and mingw to cross-compile for Windows, combined with our cross-platform build tools (like waf). We have no interest in platform specific build environments.

  4. I don’t know how you are measuring “cpu usage”, but if you are using numbers from Ardour and Cubase, they are almost certainly not measuring the same thing.

I would like to have the ability to compile a project in Borland or MS VS development environment, btw

neuron vs plugin use 10% of cpu , while cubese only 3%

neuron vs plugin use 10% of cpu in ardour , but in cubese neuron vs plugin use only 3%

(just downloaded a demo with 10 minutes limit)