Bugs and stability of Ardour 3

How stable is Ardour3? It seems like I crash it all the time. I literally (and I know what this word means) have never encountered a more unstable software than this! Any alternatives (and dont tell me MusE, Rosegarden, LMMS or Qtractor, that’s just one step away from Audacity) you could recommend? I’m looking for a real replacement of a good DAW (like Ableton Live). Ardour can’t live up to the hype as of now, since, as I’ve said, it crashes all the time.
I’ll try to fck around with it a little longer and see whether I just had bad luck to discover the worst bugs.


Is it just me, or does “add midi port” in the audio connection manager crash ardour all the time? Using revision 3.4-2-g4a135c8 in a fresh AVLinux install.
Mantis says “access” denied, when trying to file a bug (and yes, I did register.)
Also: Plugin manager blocks mouse and keyboard events in main window and console pops up when importing midi saying “no usable midi data” (which is false) AND blocks the view (unresponsive, can’t be closed while importing) at the progress window.
Since I can’t file these issues in mantis, can someone else do it, please?

I just tried to add midi port in audio connection manager. I have no problems with it, works like it should.
I use revision 3.4-186-gc736d88.

Ardour and Live have completely different goals. Your comment makes me wonder if you have reasonable expectations. Ardour is primarily an audio engineering tool, whereas Live is primarily a music-creation tool.

Ardour3 is still pretty early in development so yes, there are bugs. Ardour is community-developed, so it gets released much sooner than a typical commercial application. That can be good or bad, depending on your expectations. Personally I find A3 very stable but every user is different.

You might prefer to wait until a commercial version, such as Mixbus, is released with the MIDI features. You might still find a bug or two, but at least you’ll have someone to yell at :slight_smile:

-Ben Loftis

Sounds like you may have some issues with the distro you use. Ardour uses customised libraries and i found that sometimes your os can conflict somehow. I had problems with Tal reverb plugins crashing when loading gui that was caused by ardour not replacing a library path properly.

what distro are you using? while ardour has bugs i can atleast use it for audio work very reliably. As for midi work… thats a different story i get all sorts of problems with insta quits as i call them. So i dont do midi editing in ardour for the moment.

If you want to do midi work, you can use hydrogen for drum parts, or linux sampler is pretty good (though i have had some stability problems with linux sampler)


He mentioned he’s using AV Linux, If the distro is the problem I’d sure like to know about it but there are others here and at the AV Linux forum using Ardour 3.X without these issues so I’m not sure if there is a conclusive cause yet.


First I suggest you go to the Ardour IRC channel #ardour and talk to the devs about reproducing your issue. If you haven’t used IRC before it’s a bit awkward at first but you can usually find someone to help you (many times Paul himself) and it’s basically real time help from the authors of Ardour, if you really want to get this looked at this is better than complaining on a forum. As has been said Ardour3’s MIDI features are in heavy development and there are bugs. If the issue is found to be an AV Linux issue then hopefully someone will let me know and I can see about fixing it.

For the record with AV Linux I strongly encourage folks to use the ardour.org versions as they are supported by the Ardour developers, however there are also updated AV Linux packages for every stable Ardour release created from the ardour.org tarball in the case that you need to try an alternate version to get a project completed if ardour.org’s binaries are not working.

They can be found here: http://bandshed.net/avlinux6-debs/ardour3/AVLinux-6.0.1-Only/

*NOTE these packages only work with AV Linux 6.0.1

Ah i missed that, sorry

Ive used av-linux and found it to be very robust with ardour binariers from ardour. So thats not the issue then.

Dream Studio + Ardour 3.4 + Saffire Pro 40 + FFADO - petty stable… no issues so far…

Same bug for me: clicking “Add midi port” crashes ardour all the time.

The error is:
ardour-3.5.403: …/libs/ardour/port_set.cc:148: boost::shared_ptrARDOUR::Port ARDOUR::PortSet::port(ARDOUR::DataType, size_t) const: Assertion `n < v.size()’ failed.

Ardour 3.5.403
Jack 1.9.10
Custom Slackware64 14.1 w/ Linux 3.14.12-preempt

Although i’m not completely shure what is does, adding a midi-port works for me. But removing it afterwards crashes ardour every time :smiley:

Ardour 3.5-403-gec2cb31