Bug with Midi

When recording a MIDI track in Ardour I frequently get a runtime error saying that “the application requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.”
Ardour then crashes.

This only happens if the recording is too long (the best I can get is that a 1:00 recording is ok; I’m not sure at what exact point it crashes.)

I’m running Windows 10, build 14393.576. Is this a known bug?

This is not a known issue (AFAIK) and I can’t reproduce with a 64bit windows nightly build of version 5.5.241 on Windows 7.

Please submit all bugs in the bug tracker (tracker.ardour.org) and not the forum. Also please read: https://ardour.org/reporting_bugs as we will need more information in order to help.

If you can consistently reproduce this issue it would be useful to get a debug version from nightly.ardour.org to get a backtrace of the crash for the bug report. If your unsure how to do that, you may get some help on IRC.

Here’s a screenshot. The spam filter wanted to block it in the original post.