Bug: Midi cutting, pasting and channel-changing yields unpredictable results

Really struggling with some editor issues.

  1. If you select a bunch of notes in a lower MIDI track and then copy/paste them elsewhere in the same track, they will often appear in a totally different track, usually the first.

  2. Working around #1, if you move your MIDI track to the top and try your copy/paste there, the notes will appear in the track, but often far away from where you’re attempting to place them. Not sure if this has to do with multiple MIDI tracks or not. Could be just a general thing. I believe I’ve seen this even with just one MIDI track.

  3. If you take a MIDI track and duplicate it a couple of times, you’ll end up with multiple tracks. But then if you attempt to select all, edit channel to some other channel, the channel change will often affect the other MIDI tracks you duplicated with or from.

I don’t have any video or exact reproduction steps. Here is the session I’m working with:

What do you think?

It would be great if you could file these issues on http://tracker.ardour.org/ – bug reports belong on the bug-tracker, not the forum.

  1. Is expected behavior if you share playlists when duplicating tracks (same for audio). http://manual.ardour.org/working-with-playlists/understanding-playlists/

Also copying a MIDI region copies the region, the data of the underlying MIDI is shared between the regions.
http://manual.ardour.org/working-with-midi/copy-midi-region/ does explain this nicely.

I’m trying to submit bugs at tracker.ardour.com but the site is unusable. Won’t let me register. Never sends confirmation emails. Same email I use for this forum and I get emails just fine.


I gotta ask the simple question…

you meant tracker.ardour.org correct?


Well here is the limit of what I can tell you, I can see your account and email address on tracker.ardour.org . My only guess is your email domain throwing up a spam issue, most likely your domain filtering out the email from Mantis (Technically a different domain -tracker.ardour.org- than ardour.org so it might be treated differently). Double check spam filters etc. of course.


Yes .org.

Created a new email address and account… still no confirmation email. Nothing in my spam.

Just tried on a gmail account, too. Still nothing.

Hmm odd, sadly I do not have access to look farther into this. Will have to wait for Paul I believe.


Ok. Well I look forward to getting into that system. I have this error plus a few segfaults to report. Hard to keep Ardour running for an entire session.