buffer-size requirements?

Hi everybody,
since last updating from KX-repos I get the following error messages in Ardour:

[WARNING]: Ignoring LV2 plugin “AT1” because its buffer-size requirements cannot be satisfied.

What can I do to make that go away, I have almost 20 of similar messages?


Or look here, /usr/lib/lv2 for any lv2 plug in you want to hide from Ardour, this is where Kx studio put them on my system.

And alter the folder extension from for example, /usr/lib/lv2/gmsynth.lv2 to perhaps, /usr/lib/lv2/gmsynth.Renamedlv2 (No .lv2 at the end)

As mike@overtonedsp says, and I said, it has to do with the plugin needing more
buffer than it sees available.
So you can leave the plug ins as is, remove the plug ins, or rename them
by altering their extension, (.so) to .ssoo , that way they won/t be seen
when Ardour scans, and you won’t get the blue warning messages.

Thank you Greenerpastures for your comment, but “just remove it” doesn’t solve the problem :slight_smile:

My buffers are at 1024 already, that should be sufficient. And since I am monitoring through the hardware I leave it like that when recording. I just want to understand what’s going on there, it’s not a warning that comes in red, but in blue, so I guess it’s not seriously critical. But since Ardour is flagging it I thought I just ask.

Any other idea?


The problem seems to stem from plug-in’s which attempt to specify a fixed buffer size. This is fundamentally poor design. A plug-in should expect to be given ‘n’ samples by the host and deal with it, for example buffering internally if its processing requirements mandate processing in specific (fixed) sized chunks.