Buffer size blocked with Asio drivers

Hello everyone,

I am struggling with the buffer size when I connect my sound card Prodipe 22 Studio to Ardour:

I have the Prodipe ASIO 2.0 drivers installed on windows 10, which recognizes my sound card.
I can thus select it as driver on ardour, but when I do so, I cannot change the buffer size of the ardour project and I must have 512 samples…

I would like to select a smaller buffer size to have less latency.

Do you have an idea why I can’t change it?

Thank you and nice confined day to all!

ASIO does not allow applications to change the buffer size. You are required to use the device setup utility to do that.

I selected 128 samples for the buffer size on the setup utility, but nothing changes on ardour, shouldn’t the buffer size shown on ardour follow the buffer size on the setup utility?


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