Broken recording Session due to Filesize Limitation?

Hi there,

currently i recorded a six hour Multitrack-session with ardour. As always Ardour just did it. I saved the File and shut down the Computer. But after i came back the other Day for mixing, Ardour presented me with only the the first few Minutes of the Session. When i lock at the interchange/audiofiles folder i only see 4.1GB big files but the total size of the folder seems much bigger (130GB). Ardour is running on Xubuntu 22.04. Ardour 8.2.0 Binary downloaded from the Website. Of course there is sufficient space on the Drive that ardour was recording to. Please tell me i can recover the recording.

SoX - Sound eXchange / Bugs / #213 Wav header incorrect when 4 GB file size exceeded ← this sounds familiar…

Yes, you can. It will require a bit or manual intervention though.

But first, Session > Properties > Media and use wave-64 (.w64) so this does not happen again.

If you’re on a Unix system, you can use sndfile-salvage (from sndfile-programs) to recover the data.

For each of the files in ardour’s interchange folder run sth like

 sndfile-salvage  too_short_file.wav  fixed_file.w64

You may have to re-import those files into a new session afterward.

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Merci! That worked. Everything is back on track. I’m curios, did that change in the past or did i never run into this limitation before? I think i read ardour should change format on the fly when necessary? (Recording time question - #3 by HenzelZwam)

And to continue with another question: is it possible to make the selection of recording format persistent for new sessions? And connected to this: are there any downsides to use w64 as default?