Bridged plugins (32->64-bit) disappear when clicked-on (64-bit Ardour 6.9.0, Mac 10.6.8)


Old, 32-bit plugins bridged to the 64-bit DAW (using a program called 32 Lives (v1.0.10)) appear to be fully functional, and I can even manipulate the settings, but the GUIs disappear when I click-on them, then return when I click again. (-This applies to 100% of the bridged ones.)

  • Has anyone else ever had trouble with bridged plugins in Ardour?
  • Any known cause(s) for this?
  • Is 32 Lives just not fully compatible with Ardour?


If anyone out there has any suggestions for bridging alternatives for Mac OS X, let me know!
I will try to test alternatives to 32 Lives if I can find them.

Thanks for any help/info.!

I guess the issue is that 32 lives is an external application and plays some tricks…

When changing focus, OSX automatically hides child windows. e.g. When you change focus from Ardour to another application (say, Safari), all Ardour dialogs and popup windows are hidden.

The more interesting thing is that you do need 32 lives at all. 64bit Ardour should be able to directly load 32 bit and PPC Audio Unit plugins. Apple’s Rosetta handles this for AUs.

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Thanks for all the little details of your comment.
It really helps me better understand what is going on here.

Apparently Rosetta is an optional install for Snow Leopard. So I checked my machine for it, and it is not installed properly(!) (or at all), -isn’t listed under Applications in System Profiler, etc…

Apparently I might be able to prompt my Mac to download Rosetta by attempting to open a PPC program. I will find one and try that. I will definitely get a hold of Rosetta and see if I can ditch 32 Lives!

Thanks for the leads!!! :upside_down_face: :+1:

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