Bridge over troubled water - Cover - Simon and Garfunkel

Hi all,
Here is an arrangement of Bridge over troubled water.
Cover with two guitarists and two female singers.

Here is a youtube Link: Bridge over troubled water

All soundtakes with Ardour, edit and part of the mix with Ardour, part of the mix with Luna (UA).
Adour 6 on Linux Ubuntu Studio 21.10
Video editing with KDENLIVE
Video with Sony A7RIII camera and Sigma 50mm Art
Vocal sound takes with Aea R84 Ribbon Mic.
Aea r84 and Bayerdynamic M 160 Ribbon Mic “Mid side take” on Martin Guitar comping.

Guitars: Martin D42 Solo, Martin Om John Mayer comping, Fender strat on Supro Amp

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Thanks again to Ardour team.


Nice work ! Love it
Thanks for sharing the setup details !

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Lovely mix , possibly the best cover of this song I have heard . I just have a tiny suspicion that the lead vocalist would be more comfortable a tone higher ? Tricky as there’s a big range in this song .

Great work , all concerned


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Thank you very much for your comment.
Indeed an E Key could have been a possibility. It was not easy to choose because of some quite high notes for the singer.
If you have some music to share (youtube or somewhere else i (we) will be happy to listen to it).

Thanks again