Bridchar Blues: recorded, mixed and mastered with ardour

Hope you like it!

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Wow you guys are great :slight_smile:

I loved the song and the soft analog sounds of it :slight_smile: The dynamics were also delightful, it’s nice to hear softer and louder parts in a song once again. It seems using them is a lost art today.

One thing I would cut a little shorter was the long instrumental solo pieces beginning from the middle of the song. And I expected to hear the great melody from the start again at the end of the song. I liked it a lot and was a bit disappointed it didn’t repeat at the end.

But all in all just absolutely great work, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

An outstanding performance. It has to be fun working with these musicians in the studio.

And this has to be the last nail the coffin that you can’t do professional production on Linux with free software. It’s a really well balanced mix, and the mastering also makes sure it sounds great on a wide variety of playback systems. Kudos!

Thanks for sharing.

Wow! and wow again!

Phenomenal work by all involved, top shelf work all the way through from the writing, performing, recording, producing and videography!

The vocal harmonies are very impressive. Caught that Crosby, Stills and Nash vibe.

Really, really nice! The performance as well as the quality of production.

Nice. I like a lot. Congratulations.

Thanks for the great feedback everybody!

@x42: It was indeed a lot of fun. Great guys too!
Speaking of free software: this was made with 100% FLOSS.

Very pleasant, smooth warm sound. beautiful song. Congratulations.

Great recording, mixing and mastering.
The arrangement is good too.
I’d just have liked the ending voice a little more “in the face”…

Everything is great. I love how you didn’t squash the master. Way to go! That studio screams “live sessions”! Love the woodworking for the diffusion.