Brand new to Ardour

I’m having a tough time importing wav files onto the mix editor. I assumed it was a drag & drop like in Pro Tools or any other DAW I’ve used. Also, the one file I managed to import, I couldn’t hear anything. I have an IMac with the CoreDuo 2 Intel processor (2.0) & I configured my native MIDI settings to where I can at least audition that file but when I play it, I hear nothing. I do have the latest version of JACK installed & followed all the instruction. Please help me out! lol

Welcome aboard.

I’m not a mac user, but the way you initially import audio files is via either
Session->Add existing audio or via right clicking on the regions area on the right and “Add external audio” from there.

Once files are in that area you can drag them to tracks, etc.

As for your sound problem, you have to make sure your master outs are connected to the right ports. Bring up the mixer and play back your file. Is the mixer for the track lighting up? Is the mixer for the master bus lighting up? If it isn’t you need to connect the track that is sounding to the master bus.

If the master bus is lighting up, and you aren’t getting any sound, click on the output button on the master to select what outs it is going to.

big milt -

the issue with drag and drop is a problem on the mac. Drag and drop works just as you would expect on Linux but … Apple failed to make it possible to drag from the OS X desktop or other OS X apps to those that, like Ardour, were ported from other Unix-like operating systems. We are working on long term solutions for this, but its very hard when Apple failed to make this possible at a very low level. I have to admit that its very, very frustrating. There used to be an alternative (non-Apple) version of the program in question (the X11 server) that could do this, but it has effectively vanished.

Meanwhile, mtaht’s description of the menu-driven method is correct (though it appears that you discovered this already). Sorry for the inconvenience.

You should simply be able to hear anything in the session. If not, it suggests either that you chose some non-standard settings when creating the session, or have problems with your JACK configuration. Which CoreAudio device is JACK using?

I believe it’s either the built-in i/o or the aggregate device. I tested the speakers & I’m getting sound out of them on the native device. I do have X11 installed-my wife did it when she downloaded this free word-processing program, so I had a head start on the whole X11 thing I’ve been reading about.

Frustrating is an understatment, dude. Word up. I’m so used to dragging & dropping, you know. It’s not a problem on GarageBand; I was dumping my Reason beats in there before I learned how to use ReWire. By the way, doesn’t ReWire work in Ardour too? I read that somewhere…

We all know that drag’n’drop is very important for some of the users, nobody is disputing that. It’s not a problem for GarageBand because it does not use X11. Apple screwed up with DnD with X11, not DnD in general.

ReWire is not Jack and Jack is not ReWire. ReWire is a hack to make it possible to route some audio between applications. Jack is a complete “audio plumbing” system.