bpm calculator

is there a simple way to figure out the bpm of a region (or of a mix) in ardour? i mean something like an average bpm calculator. thanks

ok, thx!

There are a number of online bpm calculators, play your track and tap the keyboard to the beat. The first one I just found with a quick search was http://www.beatsperminuteonline.com/. Not the one I usually use, I must have lost a bookmark.

I know you asked for a beat calculator, but I’ve personally had little luck with the accuracy of those. I zoom in on a section that has a strong beat and adjust the master tempo until it visually matches the beat bars. This is actually no harder than it sounds - it just takes a few minutes longer. I always get it right this way, though.

audiodef, see the method leatuspenguin describes above. you will find it as accurate and a lot faster.