BPM and Key file tagging in Linux?

Hi All…

Despite many hours of trying to find a (easy) way of sorting out my enormous sample library, I have yet to find a solution that doesnt involve using wine or buying a piece of windows software to do this. Keep seeing posts where someone would claim a sloution, only to find that it is either not accurate, or does not tag the file.

I did try to install Samplecat but hit so many speedbumps and could not get it to work. Read some posts from a few years ago with Ardour that was dismissed as something it could not do, which is a shame as it would be a huge thing whilst using the import function, to have the bpm and key displayed for each file as it previews it. Guess it is not that straightforward to do…

Such is the variety of samples in my library that whenever I start trying to use them I end up spending most of my time using online tools to analyse each file, which has to be uploaded first… Reckon it should take me no more than a couple of centuries to go through my HDD…!

So… any FOSS tools in linux that can do this? Apologies if this is an well worn topic, but I cant seem to find any up to date info on this, all the posts I find are several years old, perhaps something has popped up as a solution in more recent times?

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