Bouncing automation to Gain Automation with one click

ATTENTION: If you read this understand that this are ideas for the development team and not features of the program (at the date of this message at less).

Objective: Trying to bounce a region with processing, and delete automation after that without affecting the copies of the playlist.

You make a New Copy of the track with the PlayList tool, as a backup and you come back to the item 1 of the playlist. (working)

Then you select the region of that track, and with right button select “Consolidate region with processing”. (working)

That leads to a consolidated region (works well) with automation below that shouldn’t be there (no problem we can delete that), the problem is that when you delete that automation, you loose the automation that is inside the playlist, as those copies doesn’t have the automation below independently, so you don’t have the old automation on the old track of the backup in the NewPlayList Item.


Bouncing Automation to Gain
When you make a Bouncing Automation to Gain, the fader automation only will be copied to the Gain Automation of the regions above. Then you can clean, change or delete the fader automation, as your fader automation will be reflected in the gain automation.

OTHER POSSIBLE SOLUTION (both could be good)

Other solution that would help would be to copy fader automation together with tracks to the PlayList together with each new copy (if copy was selected), linked with the original automation, all of them work together as one, giving the option to “Unlink Fader Automation”

Unlink Fader Automation
Makes your fader automation independent from other fader automations in the playlist.
When you change this new Unlinked Automation, changes won’t reflect on the other automations of the playlist.

You can’t link automation to other automations of the playlist once you have unlinked them. If you want to have the changes of the new automation applied to the tracks of the playlist, you could make a new copy of this track with the automation, and move those other tracks to the new copy that haves the new automation.

Hope something of this can be done, and in case the software has already a solution to this, it would be great to know as bouncing is a very common task, in fact i was expecting the “Bounce to region with processing” to work, but in my case it doesn’t work, i don’t know if i’m doing something wrong, but tried several ways, and only Consolidate with processing works.

thanks for your time


I would make sure you post this into Mantis, as ideas like this tend to get lost of the forums.


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Sorry as i didn’t understand.
Do i have to post to Mantis? and if so, where is Mantis to do it?
thanks for the answer, sorry because i didn’t get it…

Sorry that it requires a separate login.

Sorry? You saying sorry? We must be sorry for not being able to make you live a much better life by helping you much more for giving us the opportunity to have a piece of software with your pals. Sorry for disturbing, but i think this will give Ardour much more, i hope this way or other this automation thing could be made easier. Thanks a lot for your time and effort. I will send this text over there. Thank you

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