Bounced tracks with processing are slightly delayed when played back with original

When bouncing a track with processing, a guitar track with an amp sim, playing the bounced track and the original produces a major delay. They are not aligned. It seems to be around 100ms or so on the bounced track. I would expected 2-5 ms, but the 100ms throws off the timing enough to cause an issue .

Is there a way to fix this ? Is the plug-in possibly not reporting the latency correctly ? Ardour issue or plug-in issue ?

ALSA drivers. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with Ardour 8.6 downloaded from here.

If the plugin reports the latency correctly, there should be no offset at all.

Are you bouncing

[no input] ->Track [play] → Track [rec] → Master bus ->… ?

or using the Region’s “Bounce with Processing” action ?

I am using the Region’s “Bounce with Processing” action.

I dont think that other bounces with the same plugin were having the latency issue, which seemed strange. But I did not verify that they are not.

I do remeber hiting CTRL-S while this was bouncing…maybe that caused a flub?

I will try this plugin with the same preset and audio file using Bitwig 5 and see what the results are.

I am using the VST3 version of the plugin. I will check for a VST2 version and give that a try in Ardour as well. I have found on my system, that VST2 seems more likely to work when the VST3 version has an issue.

I will report back in a few days hopefully.
Thank you.

The problem was there was empty space in the beginning of the take. I had to zoom in to see it. I had the snap set to Bar. This caused the bounce to be offset. There is no problem.

Thank you.

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