Bounce all MIDI tracks to audio

I am struggling to produce stems from my projects.
The Stem export only recognizes Audio tracks and Audio Busses.

Range selection + Bounce to Region List has worked once, and then never again.

I have eneded up using Export Session to Audio wiht 20 channel (that’s the maximum) an manually assigning the outputs of all my MIDI tracks to the channels, having to repeat that a few times per session, because I can export 10 stereo tracks at once this way.

I wish I could select MIDI tracks in Stem Export and have them rendered to audio.
A multitrack MIDI export would be nice, but not as important in my opinion.

The only approach I found working right now has these downsides:

  • Lots of manual work to do it
  • Exports mono files instead of stereo
  • Track names are lost

A Stem export rendering MIDI tracks to audio woukdl save me a lot of headache and allow easier collaboration wiht other poeple and backing up my work.

I’ve tried Ardour 6.0-pre, but it doens’t seem to have any more functionality here than Ardour 5.12 that I use for production.

Another approach Iv’e tried before is to create Audio tracks or Buses for all MIDI tracks, but then:

  • I need to manually assign all audio routing
  • I need to rename all tracks if I want consistent names

It’s even more laborsome, but solves a few problems,

Maybe there is a Lua script that could create an Audio Track for every MIDI track I have with handling rrouting and naming, so I can use Stem Export?

That’d be probably the fastest way to get this working.

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Maybe it’s time for me to dust off the patch in - it does apply to 6.0 git, though whether it actually still works I don’t know…

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