Bought a new Strat

Came upon some money and I was able to buy my first new guitar in many, many years. Did the lead part in this song with it.

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Very nice! Great tone and some really sweet sounding bends and phrasing in there, nice mix too, great job!

Nice Strat sound, congratulations with your new guitar - what exact model is it? I bet you are playing the bass yourself? I think the bass lines are overly complicated - i think the music piece would benefit from a more simplistic approach, may be you should invite a seasoned bass player to do that part so that attention is focussed on your guitar playing.
But nice composition - interesting to listen to - hope you have some more good things in the pipeline…

It’s the standard series. This one
I get what you’re saying about the bass but I do like to hear a lot of bass in a song sometimes. The song actually started out with the bass as the main instrument and the guitar was added later.
If you look at my main soundcloud page there are 9 more songs right now. There one called Waves that has a similar sound and the bass is much more subdued.

I agree. Great sounding tone and your phrasing is really nice.